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Pistachio Lemon Bars

There are few things more delicious than citrusy, light, airy and fresh lemon bars made from scratch. I hadn't made lemon bars in years and when I found this recipe on the NYT Cooking website I immediately knew I had to make them!
What stood out to me with this recipe was the addition of pistachios. I had never made lemon bars with any other extra ingredients, but I don't think I will ever make them WITHOUT pistachios again! They add such a great nutty flavor to the bars and work perfectly in the crust. Do not leave them out! Even if you have to shell them like I did.

These bars are perfect for spring and summer. They are a crowd pleasing recipe that you can make to bring to a BBQ or backyard get together! I mean, who doesn't love a lemon bar?
One warning about these bars: If you are trying to avoid sugar or lose some winter pounds, maybe you should hold off on making these. They are absolutely delicious and way too addicting. I've had to use a lot of self control to …

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