Reason to Rise Granola on Etsy


I have been making granola for a couple of years now. When I moved to an off campus house at college I started making it for my boyfriend so that he would have a nutritious breakfast that would keep him full throughout his classes.

He fell in love with the recipe that I developed and I figured if he got addicted to it, other people would too. So, this summer I decided to develop four unique granola recipes to sell on Etsy.

I'm happy to say that after only one week of having my granolas for sale I have already sold my first bag of Apricot White Chocolate. My other flavors include Almond Raisin Crunch, Tropical Treat and Oatmeal Raisinet Cookie. They're all delicious!

Check out my granolas at! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


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