Christmas Pretzel Log Cabin

This project is what I have been up to for the past two days. Every year I attempt a gingerbread house and I always fail. This year I was determined to create a house, but decided that since I have such bad luck with gingerbread, I would try a pretzel log cabin instead.

Yes, this house was a lot of work and took many hours to complete, but I think it was extremely worth it. I had such a sense of accomplishment once I finished it. I can't take all of the credit however. My boyfriend figured out the whole framework of the house in order to keep it sturdy.

You can easily shrink the scale of the log house by using smaller pretzel sticks if you are looking for a quick project. I was a little over ambitious and used the biggest pretzel rods I could find. I also had to cheat a little and use a piece of poster board for the roof. There was no way pretzels were going to hold up as a roof.

I am going to include a list of supplies I used to make this house and leave the building and decorating up to you! I also know that a lot of the supplies I used are artificial candies and icings, but I don't plan on eating this house. If you want to eat the house you make I suggest trying to find all natural candies and icings.

Christmas Pretzel Log Cabin:

pretzel rods and pretzel sticks
Hershey's holiday morsels
starlight candies
gingerbread men
store bought red and green icing
shredded coconut (for the snow)
royal icing


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