New Orleans Food Experiences

I just returned from New Orleans last night and I am already ready to go back. I absolutely loved it there! The food, the scenery, the people and the history are all amazing, but of course I especially loved the food.

I throw all of my healthy eating habits out the window when I go on trips, especially to New Orleans where the food is so delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed these light, airy and decadent beignets from the famous Cafe Du Monde, a must visit when in New Orleans. Yes, they are not the most nutritious way to start your day, but they are so good that it really doesn't matter.

We enjoyed a very entertaining cooking class at the New Orleans School of Cooking led by our hilarious Chef Kevin. Above is a picture of him making shrimp creole (which was amazing I must say).

Here is the chef making pralines, which I ate many of during the week I was in New Orleans. I definitely think they were the best fresh and warm right out of the pot. I would highly recommend attending one of the cooking classes at the school, it was a great and delicious experience, and you walk away with a full belly and the recipes.

A restaurant that we stumbled upon in the French Quarter was Kingfish. We stopped in for lunch and were pleasantly surprised to find the food was delicious. I ordered the cedar plank gulf fish (which was a redfish that day) and it came with a strawberry salad. The fish was so tender and flaky, it was one of my favorite meals that I enjoyed.

Now onto the buttermilk pie at the Oak Alley plantation. The entire meal I had there was so good, but the buttermilk pie was the star for me. I had never had buttermilk pie before, and it is now one of my all time favorites. A must order if you ever eat at the plantation restaurant.

Here is a trio of soups that I tried at the must visit restaurant, Commander's Palace. The bottom left is a pork based gumbo, which was the best gumbo I had while in New Orleans. Above is a sweet potato soup, which also was extremely delicious. Last but not least is the famous turtle soup! If you visit Commander's Palace do not be afraid to try the turtle soup there. They are known for it and I loved it!

I ended my last dinner in New Orleans with the bread pudding souffle at Commander's Palace. They bring it to your table, crack it open and pour a decadent warm whiskey cream right in the center. It was to die for.

A few other restaurants I would recommend you visit while in New Orleans would be Emeril's NOLA, where I enjoyed the garlic crusted gulf fish (pictured above). It was one of the best meals I had while in New Orleans. I would also recommend almost anything off the bar menu at Cafe Adelaide and the drinks and food at the restaurant Iris are also very delicious.

I loved New Orleans and I know I will go back one day to once again enjoy the energetic culture and the amazing food.


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