My Weekend and Easter Menu

I was at Cape Cod this past weekend, which explains why I do not have a recipe for you today. I have a few good recipes planned for this week, so I will have at least one to share with you by tomorrow. 

I had such a great weekend visiting Cape Cod with my boyfriend and his family. They have a cottage down there, but since it is not open yet we stayed at a hotel. The picture above is from the wine tasting we went to yesterday at Truro Vineyards. We tried a variety of 10 different wines and I liked almost all of them. I left with a Cabernet and a Vignole to enjoy at Easter dinner.

The pictures of the beach I took at Coast Guard beach. It was extremely windy and pretty cold on the beach, but it was still a gorgeous day and the beach looked very pretty. The woman who ran our wine tasting had told us she had seen a whale at Coast Guard earlier that day, but we weren't as lucky. Oh well.

After the wine tasting we made a stop at the Atlantic Spice Company. I was pretty much in heaven there. They sell amazing herbs and spices for extremely cheap because they do not have to mark them up for retail. I bought vanilla bean, harissa paste, chinese 5 spice, oregano and flax seeds for only $14! I will definitely have to go back there at least once before I move to New York City.

Now onto my Easter menu that I have planned for next Sunday. To begin my mom has requested a beef tenderloin. I know it is not as traditional as ham or lamb, but we are beef tenderloin lovers at my house and we will all be quite happy with one. I usually make this beef tenderloin recipe for holidays.

For side dishes I am planning on making a carrot lemon risotto, a bibb salad with radishes, roasted asparagus with lemony breadcrumbs, rosemary roasted potatoes (they're my grandpa's absolute favorite side dish) and my mom always makes a homemade challah bread, which I always end up eating way too much of but it is so delicious!

For dessert I am planning on making simple and mini desserts. There are only 4 of us for Easter at my house and last year I made way too much dessert and ended up having to throw some of it away. My dad and I are coconut lovers and my mom absolutely hates coconut, but loves lemon desserts. So, I am going to make mini lemon tarts and mini coconut cream pies.

I hope my Easter menu helps you to plan yours if you have not already planned one yet. I like to usually keep my holiday meals simple, yet delicious. Sometimes the simplest dishes with few ingredients make the tastiest dishes. 

There's less than one week until Easter and I can hardly wait to get to dig in to the meal I have planned! Have a great day!

Easter Menu:


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