Patriotic Pretzel Rods

Happy almost Fourth of July! Although they're calling for very bad weather for tomorrow's festivities, I'm still excited to go down to Cape Cod and celebrate! These pretzel rods are going to make dealing with the potential bad weather just a little bit easier.

These patriotic pretzel rods are so much fun to make! I spent about an hour yesterday dipping, drizzling and sprinkling these pretzels to make them nice and festive for the holiday. Although I decorated these by myself, they are a great activity to do with friends or kids!

I used both large pretzel rods and small pretzel rods. I made the large ones to bring down the Cape and the small ones I will leave at home for my parents to snack on. My mom was definitely appreciative that I made a small batch just for her, because she did state that these pretzels are "addicting".

These will make your July Fourth party very fun, festive and delicious. I know that white chocolate and sprinkles aren't "natural" but every once in a while I make an exception for the sake of making a pretty and fun celebration food. Have fun tomorrow and I'll be posting again on Monday!

Patriotic Pretzel Rods:

1 package pretzel rods
1 bag white melting chocolate
red and blue candies
blue sprinkles
red sprinkles
  1. Melt the white chocolate in a bowl. Lay down a piece of wax paper and line up the pretzel rods on top of the wax paper. Drizzle the white chocolate all over the pretzel rods and decorate with the candies and sprinkles. Allow to dry and enjoy!


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