Some Sweets and Treats You Should Try in NYC!

I have a confession, I am a bit of a food hypocrite when it comes to my philosophies and what I want to teach people about food. I love love love healthy food and I am so passionate about it, but I am human and I also love love love unhealthy foods just as much as the next person (in moderation of course). 

In culinary school I have been learning about how horrible processed sugar is for the body and how we should stay away from it at all costs, but honestly, how am I supposed to do that when Big Gay Ice Cream is a couple blocks away from me, Mast Brother's Chocolate is right over the Williamsburg Bridge and Melt Bakery stands seem to be around every corner?? It's impossible to resist.

So I'm telling you now, when you come to visit NYC, throw all hesitation about processed sugar and unhealthy foods out the window and indulge! I'm living here for six months, so I definitely have to consume all of my goodies in moderation, but if you're only here for a week, I honestly think you should just sugar overload (you'll end up walking most of it off anyway).

When you go to Big Gay Ice Cream in my home borough, the East Village, I would suggest getting the Salty Pimp. The employees there gave me this same piece of valuable advice and I am so glad that I took it! It is quite a delicious and addicting magical concoction of high quality salted vanilla soft serve dipped in chocolate with a surprise of caramel at the end of the cone. Have I convinced you yet? Trying the Salty Pimp will make you want to go back for many more!

If you visit hidden gem tourist attractions in NYC, such as Smorgasburg, Broadway Bites, the Highline and some street fairs, you will notice a trend of seeing a little cart called Melt Bakery. Once you see it, stop dead in your tracks, choose a flavor (or 2, or 3, or all of them!) and eat your heart out! I had my first Melt ice cream sandwich just the other day and it will certainly not be my last. They are absolutely incredible!

Last, but certainly not least for this post about sweets and treats is Mast Brother's Chocolate located in Williamsburg. You may see the chocolate bars being sold at certain counters around the city, but the heart and soul of the chocolate bars is located right in Williamsburg. 

You can walk right into the store, almost faint from how amazing the smell of chocolate being made makes the store smell, and see the founders of the chocolate bars wrapping their bars in their creative and beautiful packaging. The chocolate bars are a little on the pricier side, at almost $10 a bar, but trust me, it's very worth it. The chocolate is extremely high quality and will taste like no other chocolate you've ever tasted! It's amazing chocolate, if you're into that sort of thing.

So the next time you're in NYC, trust me when I tell you that you need to eat, eat and eat some more (specifically ice cream and chocolate). You can always go on a clean foods diet once you get home.


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