Some More NYC Eats!

I just got back to the city this past weekend after having a two week break off from school. My mom was able to spend 2 full weekends with me in the city over those two weeks and between my sister visiting me a few weeks ago and my mom being in the city so much, I sure have been eating (a lot)!

So, if you're ready for another post about the amazing food you can find in New York City, here we go! The first picture featured in this post was taken at the wonderful East Village restaurant Nicoletta Pizzeria. Usually a slice of pizza in New York City is enormous, but the slices at Nicoletta are an easy to eat size, and extremely delicious I might add.

My mom and I split the Nicoletta salad, which includes grapes, parmesan croutons and a yogurt vinaigrette (I highly recommend starting your meal with this salad). We then split their Classica pizza and added mushrooms. The whole meal was definitely one I most likely will be enjoying again at some point.

When my sister was in town her, myself and her boyfriend ate at North River restaurant located in the East Village. The food and drinks are incredible and this may have been one of my favorite meals I've eaten in the city thus far.

I ordered the arctic char in spicy broth and my sister's boyfriend ordered the fried chicken. He stated "it was the best fried chicken he's ever had" and believe me he has tried many different fried chickens. I also ordered the young buck cocktail, which I highly recommend. It is truly an addicting cocktail, so beware.

In my last post I mentioned the wonderful and aromatic Mast Brother's Chocolate shop located in Williamsburg. When I took my sister there they referred us to their new Brew Bar, which is located just a couple of doors down from the chocolate shop. 

When you walk in you are struck by the wonderful smell of chocolate, of course, but also the simplicity of the shop. They sell their chocolate bars at the Brew Bar as well and showcase them as shown in the picture above, which I love. 

At the Brew Bar they brew pure chocolate drinks, that seem to become more addicting as you sip them. My experience with the chocolate drink my sister and I shared was that the taste takes a few sips to figure out. The chocolate flavors in the drink intensify as you keep drinking it, and the drink reveals its complex flavors the more you sip on it. It is a fun and flavorful experience to try a chocolate drink brewed by Mast Brothers.

My sister and I ended her NYC experience with a rich treat from Puddin', obviously located in my wonderful neighborhood, the East Village. I tried a mix of peanut butter and chocolate pudding, while my sister tried the vanilla and chocolate. The chocolate is very dark, rich and delicious, and you can pretty much never go wrong with peanut butter flavored desserts. They have many other flavors there that I need to try, so I will be returning to Puddin' eventually!

Well, that's all for now. I'm heading off to bed now so that I have energy to fillet some fish during our fin fish day at school tomorrow. I'm sure that will not be as near a pleasant smelling experience as all my food adventures I just wrote about. Stay tuned for more NYC eats updates!


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